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Complete Glass Balustrading Solutions

The best way to provide safety for balconies and staircases is to add glass banisters. They are commonly found in residential homes and many businesses. They provide a staircase or balcony with a clean and elegant finish. We can offer a high quality glass balustrade installation at an affordable price for any business or residential home in the Perth area.

Recreation centres and department stores are commercial areas where glass banisters are installed. The practical use for any banisters is for safety, but the standard glass design offers much more. There is a sophisticated look and aesthetic appeal that is also provided. Review some of the benefits provided by glass balustrading in Perth.

Frameless Balustrades

Standard glass balusters will have a frame but we offer frameless ones, which offer a touch of modern class to any home or business. We can style installations to meet any needs or preferences. The addition of frameless glass will easily enhance the visual appeal of any home.

You will see that the view from a deck or pool will not be obstructed. There are many fixing methods which can be used for glass rails. This will include stainless steel standoffs, recessed in cut concrete, big foot channel, and spigots or mini posts. The goal is to provide a unique installation that will easily complement a home’s surroundings.


We construct our glass balusters using handrails that are made of stainless steel with frameless glass that is toughened and is 12mm thick. This glass has been manufactured to meet the safety guidelines of Australia. Our glass products are able to be installed inside and outside the home. One option is to include balustrade as pool fencing or even deck fencing.

Our team has over three decades of industry experience. This allows us to perform any installation in a home or business to a superior standard. We can also provide consumers with a DIY kit which includes a set of instructions and the proper materials to complete a simple installation. A consumer will only need to obtain a proper set of tools and have some DIY experience to complete the installation.

We work closely with every customer to provide a solution that is cost effective without compromising on quality and visual appeal. Contact Glazing Vision for more information about adding glass balusters or a description about our other glass products.

Benefits for the Home

Every residential home will have various requirements for style and design. This means there is a lot for a homeowner to take into account when a remodel is planned. We offer in-home design services which allow us to tailor quality products that will add visual appeal to any renovation project.

A beautifully installed balustrade will improve the safety of a home and complement any specific style or design. One thing to keep in mind is the combination of visual appeal and safety will add value to a home.

Performing the installation yourself or hiring a professional is a great way to add a vibrant element for an improved appearance. The upkeep of the glass balusters is relatively easy. A microfibre cloth with any glass cleaner will remove any hand prints and dust.

Homeowners can work with our installers to choose a design or style which can supplement the theme or existing design of their home. Contact us today to obtain a free estimate.

Uses for Glass Balustrades

Glass handrails are a versatile structure that can be installed anywhere on a property where there may be a traditional railing system or balustrade.

  • Staircases: The addition of glass around a staircase gives an impression it is floating. The addition of railings to the top of balustrades provides for extra safety. Balustrades can be added to any exterior or interior staircase.
  • Balconies: A home or business with a balcony can have these balustrades for a barrier. The size of the balcony does not matter. Any balcony area feels more open and seems much larger if a glass handrail is installed. There will also be no uninterrupted views when sitting out on a balcony.
  • Pool Fencing: Many homes with pools need to have a safety fence. One way to achieve safety with a visual appealing structure is to install glass fences. This structure complies with all safety legislation and will prevent people from coming near the pool. Property owners are able to enjoy the beauty from a pool when out in the garden or in the home.

The fittings and posts used to hold the glass panels are made from a powder coated aluminum or marine grade stainless steel which does not corrode.

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